A little bit of Me

Akwardly posted.

Had never really used twitter before, neither am I the kind to post much statuses on my facebook page. I always have preffered listening to what others had to say. Its interesting because everyone’s busy posting almost the same topic when an incident happens. I mean that’s all they talk about. And you’d be thinking why on earth should I be posting anything since everyone’s up to the same old stuff?

It’s not wrong but have you thought how much of social media does affect us? Does the benefit really overwhelm the drawbacks that it is fine for us to depend everything on just technology? What happened to mediocre living due to this dependence of us mostly on technology?

Don’t get me wrong, by stating such I don’t mean to scream that I wished to live under a rock. Yet for me, there should be ways to retain and limit ourselves with the variety of medias coming up.

I was never really a Mass Comm student before. Diploma in Graphics took three years out of me. Freelancing was good for awile but I knew I needed to continue my studies. Hence, why I’m here. My interest on advertising led me to join the UOW course. Have to say, the subjects were way different from what I expected. Well for starters I never thought tweeting and blogging would get us marks! Have that for a suprise! I mean who knew posting 140 characters would get you somewhere.

Okay so when it comes to media, I’m not really much of a user except maybe the basics? Facebook? Whatsapp? Viber? Owh and not forgetting the only game I ever played was Candy Crush. Honestly if you gave me a choice between newspaper sudoku or games in a phone, definitely sudoku or maybe a crossword would do!

So this is my little piece of me.

And yes the name’s Angela.


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