Only media to be blamed for-think twice

  Most of us tackle social problems backwards. According to David Gauntlett’s research, he states how people begin by blaming the media and linking it back to their problems. It could be violence, it could be other unpleasant human behaviour. Individuals prefer to live in denial, not accepting they have a problem and solving it asap.  They would rather prolong a habit until its too late.

Likewise when it comes to obesity. People tend to make the same accusation here. Media is to be blamed? But why. What about the several other factors such as environment, culture, social, behaviour, and geneticsaffecting it? For example, let us look at Maya Rosales. She’s known for her weight (470kg)  and was one of the heaviest people around a few years back. Most of you would think she became famous only for her size, but no. Apparently she became a media sensation, after her trial on accidentally sitting and killing her nephew in March 2008. She was even called the Half-Ton Killer. Below we can see how Maya claims she was from an overweight family. Her genes and hereditary had provoked health issues causing her more weight gain.

“My family, we are, we’ve always been, you know, chubby. My sisters and my mom [are] in the 200s, 220. I was too, and I noticed I began gaining weight, getting bigger. I didn’t know back then it was my thyroid and from the thyroid it got so big [that] I developed lymphedema, the swelling of your limbs”.

  As for child violence, it has to stem out more than just media. If you have read the daily mail’s news article, you would understand why. Children tend to be more violent when there is lesser parental supervision. These parents fail to discipline nor teach their child of what’s good or bad. Its not only about negligence. If parents were to provide a home with violence and negativity to a child, most likely the child is going to adapt to the same behavioural too. It is proven homes which provide comfort and warmth produce lesser aggressive children than those whom come from broken families. I would say family bonding time does play a major role in a child’s growth so he/she would gain better moral qualities in a way. Family celebrations provide pleasure in a healthy way for children. Not only they enjoy themselves, but they learn some healthy values too. Environments, especially homes, should be stable. Hence why instead of blaming the media, people should consider other factors in violence and obesity as well.


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2 thoughts on “Only media to be blamed for-think twice

  1. Well coming to terms where media should not be solely blamed for violence among children, i would still strongly believe media plays a major role in it. When parents are too busy with their working lives, children are bound to watch certain television channels with much violence in it whereby parents may not even be aware of it. The act of watching it for weeks or months would change the mentality of a child making him/her more aggressive & violent!

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