People always acknowledge an upcoming chat service. As preferable, the site which provides no-charge for its performance, is grabbed immediately by most people. They tend to seek alternatives as to when they are bored, or even on a depressing note. Under those circumstances, people prefer venting it out online. Their alternatives in which they would rather share their feelings as a status, song or even by chatting with a complete stranger on their personalised sites. Indeed there are other options on gaining a shoulder to cry on, yet choosing to vent online gives you a kind of pleasurable satisfaction of not letting anyone invade your privacy, face-to-face. By means making it simpler for an individual to share their thoughts or unsatisfied moments with random people they meet.

With these, Chatroulette, created by an Andrey Ternovsky, was launched on Nov 2009. The concept of an online chat service arose when this 17-years-old high school student decided to scout for a chat application which allowed him to use webcams. Instead of finding for one, he built one himself within a period of three days. Though it utilizes the similar ‘random chat’ concept as Omegle, Chatroulette  was the first random chat site to add videos and voice into its mix. The addition of a live webcam makes it far more exciting and intriguing for its users. If you aren’t so familiar with the format, basically it involves face-to-face online session with another random person. Also, if the user wishes to leave the current chat, they are able to do so by clicking next to skip to the next random connection. Here’s an example of how Chatroulette works.

“Others do really unbelievable things I could never think of. They make up songs about strangers and sing to them, draw them, listen to music, broadcast them their own music.” (Ternovsky,2010)

As above, the statement does represent how Chatroulette could be used as a platform for talents as well. Though in some cases, it is used as a sexual medium too. Personally Chatroulette does cater to a rather free usage on its medium content. It allows minor violence, racism, social bullying and even sexual transmitions between users on a very high scale.  Justifying why teens are the majority portion for the audience. Knowingly chat apps does contribute to negative elements easily, yet these elements are the main reason why this chat site is overwhelmed by a huge number.


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One thought on “Chatroulette

  1. Sense of satisfaction comes from many directions and in the generation, people tend to choose mediums that can be accessed easily due to technological advancement. A lot of negativity can come from Chatroulette because people use it as an escape from the reality of the social world. Talking to strangers can also provide the experience of meeting new faces and even understanding their culture (unless one changes the webchat every 5 seconds).

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