Paris Hilton and mediated public sphere I bet most of us have at least heard or watched this show once. Reluctantly I have to admit I have seen it more than once. And its definitely not because I am a Paris fan or anything. As for my review on this, I would have to say this show has the most dumbest, most scripted and unrealistic ‘reality’ show around. And trust me, I can’t imagine how any women could ever audition for something like this. Let alone women, but men too audition for parts in this show! And they don’t come from nearby, but some of the contestants are from Asian countries as well. In addition to that, having a title like, Paris Hilton’s New BFF and making that a reality show is a real waste of  time. Not only from the audience’s part, but also the production company who was to support and finance a ridiculous show like this. Honestly, this show brings nothing but bad examples to its audience as there are foul words and explicit contents used to make it entertainment material. Adding on to the issues this show raises, we all know how she could never be a proper role model. Paris Hilton knowingly is an American socialite and entertainer. Her hard-partying lifestyle and badly-rumored short relationships had led her into the entertainment industry. As for her shows, Paris always emphasises on the title ‘famous for being famous’ , as she is a very good example of a modern day ‘celebutante’. Celebutante’s are those celebrities whom usually rise to fame because of wealth and controversial lifestyle instead of their talents or work. And apart from her ‘celebutante’ status, I bet Paris Hilton is just another ordinary person you see everyday.

And if you have read the Public Sphere: An Introduction written by Alan McKee, he states how citizens have become too apathetic towards vital public issues. He comments further, as he believes how the Western countries have become quite fragmented whereby consumers are more interested in minor news such as celebrities, diets and sex tips compared to serious political issues happening in the world. This explains why socialites such as Paris Hilton could get a spot to air their series though its content is nothing but just gossip. And as for the public sphere, McKee has defined it, “The public sphere is a metaphor for thinking about how individual human beings come together to exchange ideas and information and feelings about what matters to them in a ‘liberal society’. It is a concept which has been hugely theorised in relation to media.”  If public sphere really does count on what the liberal society think matters, its sad to say most of them only care about gossips and shows which provide them compared to many other vital images such as health, exercise, politics, finance and more. Mediated public sphere has manipulated and taken over the mindsets of people as a whole.


Public Sphere: An Introduction, Alan McKee, 2005, viewed on 22 April 2014


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