Reflection Post

And here we are at the end of our blogs. BCM 110 has taught us many aspects of media. But since it’s a reflective post, I am going to concentrate on only one post which I have written. Based on my first post, ‘Only media to be blamed for- think twice’, we can see how media is always being blamed for some child’s problem or for some person’s outrageous acts. In my opinion, I have already provided why media singularly shouldn’t take the fall for these kinds of accusations. I have made my point by stating how there are other elements involved such as environment, culture, social, behaviour and genetics affecting it.

When we emphasise on the environment factor, we normally notice how an individual’s behaviour  is affected by it. For example, an excessively restricted surrounding can hold a person back from being what he usually is. Furthermore, this type of situations can only cause disruptive outbursts and emotional behaviours. Therefore, to blame the media for aggressiveness is absolutely absurd. Knowingly, placing any man under such suffocating circumstances would cause him to vent his anger outwards or even to others. Not to mention, the environmental pollution that could cause health related problems also plays a role in obesity.

Obesity isn’t always a health problem due to excessive eating. If you remembered the example, Maya Rosales was obese due to her genetics and then adapting an illness which only made her obesity worse. From this, we could see how the genetics in a family does play the most important role to being healthy. Yet due to the change she wanted for herself, she has managed to pull through and lost a lot weight now. Her sudden change in behaviour was the one that helped her save her life.

Hence, why media alone is not to be blamed for. I am definitely not taking sides, but media doesn’t always provide us with negatives effects only. Media too could be useful if it is utilised in a proper manner. Nonetheless, it is people whom exploit media for their wrong doings and blame the media solely. I realised how media, a complex form of sources, is made as a manipulative tool instead. Wealthy individuals whom own media enterprises usually utilise media as a form of interpretation for their own benefits. And yet people still blame the media for bad happenings. If its anyone who has to be changed, I say the community should be the first.


FRAC Food Research and Action Center, Factors Contributing to Overweight and Obesity, viewed 20 March 2014,


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