The Growing Use of Photoshop among Hollywood Celebrities

Photoshop arguably is the most powerful tool among Hollywood celebrities thesedays. More often than not, this tool is usually used to alter and retouch images which makes celebrities seem flawless. These celebrities are often made thinner, taller, unblemished, or even retouched in having whiter teeth. In Feb 2014, Dior had used famous actress, Jennifer Lawrence, to promote their new clothing line. Several sources then revealed how the actress was almost unrecognisable due to the image manipulation done to her body. According to Leamen, Jennifer seemed unidentifiable as the size of her head was not photoshoped parallel to her narrowed shoulders, giving her a definite bobble-head quality. However what made the situation far worst, was the reaction of Jennifer Lawrence in embracing the outcome of Dior’s ad. During an interview with Access Hollywood, Jennifer told the reporter how she loved photoshop after viewing her pictures. She did not seem to mind even when she admitted to the use of photoshop and how it looked nothing like her.

Likewise, in another controversy, singer and actress, Beyonce Knowles is accused of photoshoping a thigh gap between her legs. The singer usually known for her curvaceous body figure was accused of never having a thigh gap before. According to McDonell-Parry, the instagram image had a slight wavy uneveness and a certain sharpness towards her inner legs, while supposedly it should have had a natural curve to it. Like most Hollywood celebrities, Beyonce did not admit to the use of photoshop though many allegations says otherwise. In contrast to these, there are also a number of celebrities such as Kate Winslet and Brad Pitt who persevere that image manipulation is wrong. Subsequently to back them up, The American Medical Association (AMA) recently announced its stand against image alteration as it could provoke unrealistic figure expectations and unhealthy disorders to the public. In my opinion, I believe men and women, including celebrities, do not need their looks or body to be photoshoped. The idea of the similar kind of beauty by having to be scrawny thin, fair-skined, to have correctives done to their nose, jaw and other parts of their body are simply unnecessary. A very beautiful example would be Dove’s campaign video called “Real Beauty Sketches”. Sketches basically notifies these group of women about the perception a stranger has on them. Further, the sketch artist actually provides them with two illustrations based on both descriptions given on the similar individual. The individual then realises how the stranger’s descriptions made them seem even more attractive than their own self-descriptives. Talk about confidence boost!


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