Importance of Regulation in a Family Context

Likewise, my home has rules and regulations on the use of media content similar to other families . As I remember, I was already 14 by the time I was allowed to surf the net on my own. Due to the use of Friendster, my peers insisted I should get an account aswell. Back then, Friendster’s functions were very similar to the use of Facebook. In fact, applying for a free social networking account seemed impossible and new. As days passed and with the help of some friends, I managed to update information about myself and a picture source for my peers to recognise my account. On that condition, surfing the net and checking for requests became an every day routine. My parents could not help but to notice how constant I used the Internet, especially with the monthly bills increasing. One night during dinner, my dad did govern some house rules in using such platforms. He reminded me and my brother never to get involved with porn websites, racial internet sources, and ever to provide personal information to strangers.

Under those circumstances, a sample of research published in Pediatrics in 2007 indicates 42 percent of youths being exposed to pornography online and 66 percent of that group not wanting to see it. However, quantitative data from the “Youth Internet Safety Survey” conducted in 2000, 2005 and 2010 reveals an increase from 25 percent to 34 percent and then declining back to 23 percent of seeing unwanted pornography. This exposure is said to occur frequently as in many cases misinterpretation and misdirection during the search could lead to a sexually explicit content. For instance, even the use of an innocent word such as “toy”, a mispelled word or URL, misleading website or email, a link or a photo could advertise unwanted pornography to its viewers. Alternatively, there is also a possibility for teenagers to get exposed by imitating the actions of another family member.  In fact, the Bobo doll experiment proves how a child would tend to imitate and learn from the behavior of a trusted adult. Briefly, the experiment conducted illustrates how human behaviour is actually learned, rather than inherited through genetic factors.


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