Photo credits to Martin Terber

Photo credits to Martin Terber

This had definitely been an enthralling journey of 10 weeks of learning Media, Audience, Place. Currently doing my second semester,  I was indeed ecstatic when I found another BCM subject in my course outline. In comparison to BCM 110 and 112 last semester, BCM 240 is definitely distinctive. Honestly, I had expected this class to be much formal and intricate just like the previous two we had a few months back. On the other hand, this semester’s lecture often include our personal experiences in a media, audience or place, context. The terms illustrated mainly visualise a public understanding on spatial areas revolving around us and our daily lives. Subsequently, these visuals and ideas later become my source of context to the blogging exercises which are the basic requirements to any BCM subject. As a matter of fact, our lecturer, Mr.Faizal Nafis,had surely done a great job in educating and revising us when we made mistakes in our blogs. He always advised us on our drafts, to obtain a more refined evaluation to our concepts and better foundation in our research. In comparison to the first time, I definitely have improved on my impaired writing skills while time management was not part of that bargain. Somehow, I frequently seem to be having trouble finishing my blogs on time. In fact, most of us always burn the midnight oil in order to complete our assignment parcel as we have other submissions which require the same attention too. As for this blogging exercise, I had no trouble posting the first four, weekly, but the remaining did acquire some last minute work.

Regardless of the hectic schedule, I have to admit I did enjoy writing and researching some pieces of post on an overall note. One of the many would be my last blog which was written on the growing use of photoshop among Hollywood celebrities. Due to serious time constraint, I was a little upset being unable to insert my additional sources of research to my write-up. This blog which mainly depicts on the use of image manipulation by celebrities, especially from Hollywoood, arguably does draw the line between right and wrong. And for those celebrities whom have allegations made against them for the excessive use of photoshop usually are in denial as they are believed to be embarassed about their flaws, except for Jennifer Lawrence. Based on my opinion, the need to begin manipulating images would only lead to other disturbing factors such as cosmetic or corrective surgery. It happens very often thesedays as most Hollywood celebrities have been under the knife, readjusting or implementing new procedures especially to their face and body figures. However, procedures such as these always leave public in dismay and disgust as these celebrities age and become disfigured, such as Hollywood’s very own catwoman, Jocelyn Wildenstein. In fact, Photoshop has become a powerful tool among society especially women. Women all over the world who seem to idolise Hollywood celebrities often want to look flawless, hence altering their pictures to become thinner, taller, brighter, unblemished, and even retouched to obtain whiter teeth.

Speaking of my other blog, which was on multitasking in an academic environment, I had described my own experience as a student and the effects of multitasking. This blog was definitely one of the easiest write-up to do as the concept was much alike to what I have grasped during my research on convergence of media. However, I did struggle to find an appropriate picture until the image from Concordia University did appear. That image actually emphasises on an actual context of higher education and how the students are glued to their respective tabs and laptops. At the same time, it makes you wonder what applications were they utilising- was it meant for any educational purpose since they were in an academic context or probably something for leisure since they were not really in classrooms? Namely, even Sana argues how students uncertainly will use other unfit laptop applications such as games and social networking while lecture goes on. I do disagree with the statement. As in my opinion, I believe students use their laptops more frequent to finish their assignments in school premises than having time for leisure. In fact, with classes so close to each other, we would usually fill up our time editing our assignments and head straight to class after that for the lectures. On the other hand, as for my third choice of blog, I would be analysing the one regarding phone usage which leads to road kills. This blog mainly narrates using two youtube videos which are Volkswagen-Eyes on the road and I forgot my phone. Respectively, Volkswagen displayed their impulsive safety ad which hijacked the attention of moviegoers while the other video illustrates how individuals have developed a private bubble in public spaces. On that condition, these videos have provided additional support to my blog’s structure. Indeed, I am quite thankful to its rightful owners in sharing a good source to Youtube’s platform. Surfing into Youtube’s copyright measures, apparently the platform only allows the owners to retain ownership of their work. But what they require in their terms of service is that the owner has to grant a non-exclusive worldwide license to freely distribute and re-publish however they might with that video. Due to this clause, most of us have sources of information to render according to our use, without having to commit a crime by using unauthorised platforms.

In conclusion, this would be my last blog post for this class. Hopefully, there would be another BCM in the coming semester for me to commit with my writing again.


One thought on “Reflection

  1. I love your reflection Angela! I find those reflection to be closely associated with mine as well. I personally enjoy this subject very much and I must say, not easy to balance blogs commitment and other assignments all at once but life is not easy isn’t it? The way Mr Faizal teaches us made our job so much easier because he is very helpful and so much good information are letting us getting better comprehension of the subject. So kudos to him!

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