Reflection- Digital Research Project


Photo credits to Paul Oka


Photo credits to p.Gordon

This being our 14th week of Media, Audience, Place, we had to sum ourselves up with a final project called Digital Research. As for this assignment, we were given a period of one month and choices to work individually or in pairs. My friend, Shalini, and I had decided to do it together as we wanted to provide a better job at it than operating a platform on our own. In fact, with other assignments inclined, we somehow knew the coming weeks would be off time constraint to us. Nevertheless, we managed to pull this project off with some serious multi tasking, such as meetings on college grounds during the day and having discussions on the phone at night. During our first week, I have to say we did struggle finding a good source of topic for our research on media audience and spatial factors. We even provided our lecturer, Mr.Faizal, with several distinctive ideas but he seemed pretty interested in one specifically. That is, the use of mobile phones and how people have created their own private bubble in a public sphere. However, succumbing to time, our topic had alligned itself to a communal worry where it involves the use of mobile phone while driving.

Likewise, with the change of our topic, we had also decided on altering our choice of platform for this research. Both of us had disregarded the idea of creating a podcast as our subject fitted better with visuals and lenghty scripts. Hence why we chose prezi as our platform in distributing our public concern. Furthermore, with Prezi being a cloud-based presentation software, we thought it would be best used as our storytelling tool which is based on a virtual canvas. In addition to that, my experience utilising prezi last semester did assist me as I was able to provide a better visual towards our recent project while my groupmate managed to acquire new skills as she was learning on how to use prezi for the first time. Though this project did consume alot of our time as we always had to edit and amend our work, I have to admit I enjoyed doing every bit of it and the best part of it all, was the fact that our established project could be viewed by anyone. Reffering to prezi’s fine print on its terms of use, by registering for a free account, prezi users are actually granting the platform to a worldwide, non-exclusive, revocable license to access, view or publicly perform our Public User Content.

Similarly, our visual aids from Flickr and Youtube also contains specific regulations on the use of their medium as well. In fact, since our first blogging class, our lecturer regularly emphasises on the use of images under Creative Common Licenses which could be obtained from Flickr. On that condition, my groupmate and I did go through some trouble in search of pictures relating to our project. At first, we were quite dissapointed as most of our choices included other licenses rather than Creative Commons or it was disabled to be downloaded. Nevertheless, we managed to place at least 14 images under Creative Commons inclusive of our platform’s background. Speaking of Creative Common Licenses, every image site usually contains a link to its terms of use. Respectively, there it would state, the need of attribution to its owner and its non-commercial nor remixed use of image to be shared, copied or redistributed freely. On the other hand, we also managed to impose 4 interesting Youtube videos into our prezi as this would give the audience a better view and understanding of our topic. Reflecting on Youtube’s copyright measures, it is stated how the platform actually grants its users a non-exclusive worldwide license to freely distribute and re-publish their videos while retaining their ownership towards their work.

Throughout this project, I have learnt how photo credits were only given to the use of images from Flickr, wherelse Youtube videos were embedded into our slides itself. During these duration, I must say our project did alter from a simple presentation to a more complex one with neither of us expecting it to come up with 40 slides. Not only that, but with this project, we indeed learned the functions, advantages and disadvantages to the use of mobile phone while driving. In my opinion, though it has its personal, household, social, bussiness and communal benefits, I would still mainly emphasise on its dangers of using a mobile and driving. As for me, it is not worth risking your safety just to reach a minute earlier or to save errands on going and retrieving the gallon of milk your wife told you to buy. By risking too much with mobile distractions, this may or may not (if you are lucky) affect your lives. At the same time, you might instead risk someone else’s life while you are at it. Based on Liz Marks’s story, we are able to see the physical and mental suffering she goes through daily just because she had decided to check a text from her mom. In this video, you are able to feel the restlessness of her mom as she would have never thought of such a condition happening to her daughter. If you ask me, though the accident only happened to an individual, but its effects are overwhelming especially in their family surrounding.

Concluding my blog for this semester, hopefully I would have another BCM coming up, very much alike this, as I can’t wait to write again. Till we meet then.


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