Presence Bleed Between Business and Pleasure

Source- Imgur Photo Credits to Quickmeme

Source- Imgur
Photo Credits to Quickmeme

The meme above illustrates how there is a presence bleed between work place and pleasure. The accessibility of ubiquitous computing; anywhere and anytime, has definitely taken a toll on traditional working habits. Due to endless connectivity and mediums such as handphone, laptop, desktop, Facebook, Whatssap and other tools,  it is very often we notice how boundaries between work and personal life are intertwined. As an example, we tend to relate to this when we are often seen to check emails and comments on work while at home, where else scrolling through social media during working hours. As for now, presence bleed has been seen as something quite common and useful in most working sectors, though many do not realise how it might empower the thin line dedicated to time efficiency (labour) and time deficiency (leisure).


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One thought on “Presence Bleed Between Business and Pleasure

  1. I see this type of thing all the time with my parents never leaving work at work. The reality is though it will probably worse for us though when we enter the workforce after uni especially being communications students. The simple truth is that the nature of work has changed and this is the new acceptable reality.

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