The not-so-silent war between IOS and Android


Photo credits to so_ran

I have inserted the Youtube video above as a sample to trending reviews on the latest IOS and Android phones available. Many teenagers or even young adults are always seen to post up feedbacks regarding both, the open and closed system,that is within an Apple and Samsung mobile phones. However, what becomes evident throughout the video is the idea of respective phones and its suitability towards their users. Knowingly, Android is pretty much opposites to IOS in every way. For instance, Android is known to use an open source system (Roth, 2008) while IOS uses a closed system whereby its sources are limited and could not be programmed by an outsider. Though Android might seem as the better pick since most of its apps possess the ability to be downloaded for free, however, there is an ongoing competition between its manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC and many more. And during this time, if you were to think Apple would be a better pick, you are wrong as well. IOS, reigning from a closed platform has unintentionally caused consumers to ‘jailbreak’ the system which simply beats the purpose of keeping it as closed platform in the first place. (Zittrain, 2010) Furthermore, app developers must also deal with the approval of Apple before letting their software run through their system.

Overall, my opinion does not differ so much from the reviews that you and I have watched. I believe all users have different habits when it comes to using a phone. Some may like a large and heavier model while some might prefer the lighter ones, some would like the idea of a good camera despite IOS being a closed system while Android also has its advantages with an open network, I suppose it just depends on the suitability of the phone with their users.


Roth, D. 2008, Google’s Open Source Android OS Will Free the Wireless Web, Wired, accessed on 20/11/2015,

Zittrain, J. 2010, A fight over freedom at Apple’s core, accessed on 20/11/2015,













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