Photo credits to Anonymous9000

I bet most of you are not familiar with the term cyberactivism. Cyberactivism is basically the act of using the Internet to advance a political cause offline. The author also adds, this activism is made to generate intellectual and emotional reponses using digital artifacts which usually unravels stories interpreting injustice, history and other politically related outcomes. (Howard, 2011) For instance, the use of Internet during the Arab world shows how most 20-30 years old are the ones more avidly using the free platform to create stigmas around the world. (Abdulla, 2007)

Another example to cyberactivism would also be Malaysia’s Bersih 4.0 campaign that was held during the 29-30th of August. Though their objectives were pretty much revolved for the public- calling for clean and transparent government- but many corporate sectors were against the idea of having the rally. Even Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) were reported to have removed or imposed regulations on those websites and Facebook pages that promote or spread details regarding the campaign. (Wei, 2015)  In addition to that, there were also news that certain sectors had reprehended their employees from going for this rally. In my opinion, civic engagement is a very powerful tool which needs to be regulated only when the public needs it the most. 


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