As we are engaging towards digital age, we notice how journalism has redefined itself from scratch. Traditional media sources which use to practice gatekeeping regulations have now shifted to gatewatching instead. According to Bruns (2005),  gatewatching relates to how individuals especially journalists gain insights or news from official or non-official sources and use those first-hand materials into conventional news reporting. Since many of us are equipped with smart devices such as handphones, tablets and many more, we tend to use it to our advantage when an event or incident occurs. As an example, during the Bersih 4.0 rally, we notice how consumers have rather engaged themselves into prosumers where they would record and upload the video, pictures, or even provide a review or a blog on the events that is happening live from venue itself. Since most of us do come across news once and awile, conventional reporters use that to their advantage where they would rely on our first hand knowledge before reporting through their mass channel. In addition to that, digital journalist also at times comply with conventional news organisations to provide these insights.


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