Hackers Subculture


Photo credits to Brian Klug

The Internet basically serves as a global platform combining both, good and bad ideas. With people benefiting from its free open sourced network, there are also those who have transformed it into powerful forms of resistance against higher authorities. While the idea of Internet keeps growing, the cultures that has formed within the network also increases. For instance, the subculture of hackers. Hackers are not really something new, as these group of activists have started implementing the idea during the 1950’s itself. This was the result of early computer programmers who had to break the breach within the Internet to lend or steal computing resources which would allow them full access to continuous development of the global network. And ever since digital age, hackers have also transformed themselves by typically representing “youth culture-rebellion” as they are constantly looking for ways to disrupt the authority and its efforts. In addition to that, hacker culture has redefined itself by distorting its members into different groups and means such as 1) computer security hackers, 2) home computer hackers, 3) elite hacker, 4) script kiddie, 5) hacktivist and many more. An example of hacktivist would be, the known hacker group called Anonymous who had recently declared war on ISIS social media accounts.


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Hunter, I. 2015, Anonymous hackers’ list of ‘pro-ISIS’ Twitter accounts they claim to have taken down included BBC News, Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and host of others unrelated to terror, Mail Online, accessed on 21/11/2015,




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