Internet of Things (IOT)


Photo credits to Konstant Infosolutions

In this last chapter, Global Networks has introduced us to a new term called the Internet of Things (IOT). Internet of Things being an increasingly growing topic has definitely turn heads with its ideology of penetrating offline objects using the Internet. Ranging from toothbrushes to cars, all objects are expected to be connected to the Internet by the year 2020. It is said the idea would systematically send sensory data to its recipients which would promote lesser energy consumption by companies and consumers. In addition to that, each object is also given a personal identification address which would allow the object to adjust to its environment and transmit the information over the Internet. (Mitew, 2014) Since every object is going to be connected to each other, this would also help objects nearby to adjust accordingly to the situation. For instance, the video illustrates how a car which is low on oil, would relatively instruct itself to go and pump gas while this would also affect the other systems connected to the object. In other words, IOT basically would shift to the idea of active objects; instead of active participants, which would eventually rearrange the regulations on occupancy and the patterns of mobility within the physical world. (Bleecker, 2005)


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