Unindian – A Hybrid Movie


Photo Credits to Mesh News

Referring to the current global epidemic, it is no surprise how the public are confronted with various types of media in a single day. We have to agree that by having worldwide connection on our fingertips, we are actually allowing ourselves to global exposure where we are infiltrated by new knowledge and content simultaneously. Having to confront many things at a time, human behavior have evolved as they are contributing to their presence with high level multi-tasking when it comes to neither work, chores or even entertainment. Relatively, we could conclude on the severity of this epidemic which has profoundly lead us  to a more remixed culture than usual. Speaking of remix, we are not only talking about people from various states living together, but more on their final products which are actually repercussions of many fused objects. (Manovich n.d.)

The entertainment industry especially those who are into film making and music are definitely not strangers to the use of hybrids when it comes to their content. Often, this industry uses the idea of remix, fusion, collages and mash-ups to create ‘something new’. However, that is not the case as typical remix usually combines itself with other sources of media; elements from other artists, music composure, visuals from other videos and lately, characters from other cinema industries. (Manovich n.d.) For example, actor/actresses who initially belong to Bollywood have continued producing more films as they merge themselves to work with Hollywood. In the past years, hybrid movies have marked a special place as they are increasingly becoming popular while propagating several cultures under one roof. While that being the case, youngsters find hybrid movies to be more relatable as it is propagated using English language most of the time. In addition to that, the movie also includes fundamental representation of techniques and expressions to make the crowd understand and follow the story line on a global scale.

For instance, this specific movie called Unindian that I had recently watched has the same measures which I have confronted earlier regarding hybridity. The movie narrates a simple love story between an Aussie male persona and an Indian female persona. Honestly, the story line was somewhat predictable as the female persona receives multiple rejections by her parents, community and religion since she is a single mom with a teen daughter. Her parents expects her to re-marry but only to the suitor they had found, who is a doctor from their own caste (cliche). However, the actress who is portrayed as an open-minded modern Indian tries to evade the suitor that her parents had found while having to fall in love with a white man. (Gupta 2016)

I believe Unindian does revoke certain cultural issues for Indians who are staunch towards their religion and culture. Regardless to which country they might be living in, elderly Indians would consider movies such as these to be a bad influence for the younger generation. Though times might have changed and we are in the 20th century, normally we can see the struggle every elderly person has to go through to accept hybridity or any sense of remixed culture in a short time span.


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