Transnational Comedy

Before we get into transnational comedy, let us define what transnationalism means. Transnasionalism refers to multiple ties linking people or institutions across borders of nation-states (Chalaby 2005, Straubhaar 2007).  There is an ongoing debate regarding transnational  flow within television comedy. Since these sitcoms are given culturally influenced assertions and specificity, researchers believe this would make it harder for them to export any comedy recordings worldwide. Features like -namely, ambiguity, interpretive diversity and contradictions- are fundamental factors which only exist within television comedy (Lockyer, Popa 2016). Unlike the singularity interpretation that exist in serious programmes, television comedy depends on the discursive display of opposing interpretive possibilities where everyday commonsense and assumptions about the world are turned upside-down or inside-out. In the midst of these all, researchers have also found a strategic increase to the numbers of transnational flow specifically in British  television comedy in new Eastern Europe markets (Lockyer, Popa 2016)  .


Lockyer, S Popa, D 2016, ‘“I Like the Metamorphosis of the Characters”: Dynamics of Transnational Television Comedy Engagement’, International Journal of Communication, accessed on 11/11/2016,


Victoria, K 2016, ‘- To Get To The Other Side: Transnational Comedy’, accessed 11/11/2016,



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