News Values

News can be defined by reporting information regarding recent events and happenings, locally or even worldwide (Media College 2016) . Most of us always turn to sources of news, including the ones online, because we always perceive it as a reliable medium which caters to all individuals. There is no exact age limit to read the news, its open to everyone single person, depending on their preference of sections. People often find the news to be truthful which in cases like speculation, this factor would be very helpful. But not many know how stories are checked if their newsworthy before inserting them into sections within the news. So, let’s take a look at what makes news newsworthy.

The first news value that affects stories to be newsworthy would be impact. In this phase, stories are first off evaluated on how they would affect readers’s lives. Just like impact, the second news value proximity plays a role within newsworthiness too. When it comes to proximity, the journalist distinguishes if the story matters to the audience. Proximity reveals the depth of the story, according to how it would impact and relate to its readers (Digital Third Coast 2016). Another example of news value would also include timeliness. Timeliness ensures the latest news regarding events and happenings are published for the public’s knowledge. Among the other few, another important factor which affects news value would be ‘the bizarre’. At this phase, bizarre happenings usually attracts people to read the news. People often are taken into things which are unexpected, disgusting or dangerous. Hence, journalists who gather information are in search of good bizarre stories to entertain their audiences. Using all eight news values; prominence, conflict, currency and human interest (Digital Third Coast 2016) , it is evident how news stories are filtered through these processes to ensure that the story published is newsworthy.


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